December 21, 2016

What's in my bag and wallet?

I've never really been much of a handbag kind of person. I've had my (small) share of bags though, but I never really used them as much as I would've liked to back then. Now that I've turned to minimalism, I've discovered that I never truly needed a handbag, 'cause we tend to carry a lot of "what if"-items and not that many necessary items.
For about three years I've had my fanny pack with me everywhere I go, and I only have necessary items in it, things that I actually use. Here's a look into everything I have in my fanny pack:

Volt power bank, headphones, charging cable, chewing gum, lip balm, pen, liquid for my E cigarette, and my keys 
My fanny pack that I found in a  store on Strøget in Copenhagen.

I actually don't have a proper wallet, and the reason why is - I always used to forget where I last put it, so I've eliminated the need for a wallet completely. I bought a wallet case for my iPhone 6s the day before i received the actual phone in the mail. I wanted it mainly for protection for my phone. I never thought I'd be so pleased with it though. I can easily  fit my remaining cards in it.

The reason why I say remaining is that I found this amazing app called "stocard" with which you can scan your membership cards and store them on your phone for easy acces, and then you never forget your membership cards again (unless of course you forget your phone). The app is also available for Android phones.

My MasterCard, drivers license, travel cars, hidden: healthcare card, the "stocked" app for membership cards.

I hope this was somewhat inspiring.
Hugs, Sofia

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